Wednesday, September 29, 2010

What a Year Can Do

Yesterday was a very important day in the life of the Stidham's because Kevin and I celebrated the one year anniversary of our first date. To celebrate, we went to dinner at the restaurant where we first met and where he proposed. As I stood outside of the restaurant waiting on him, I remembered all of those feelings that I felt 365 days ago. I remember feeling both nervous and excited as I waited to see him and just prayed that the date would go well.
On that first date, as we sat across the table from each other, I kept thinking, "Does my hair look ok? Am I acting like a complete idiot? Oh no, do I have something stuck in my teeth?" (By the way, the answers to those questions were Hopefully, Probably, and Absolutely!) Our first date went very well but was not without a few embarrassing moments.

Moment 1:
Me: "What are you going to order?"
Kevin: "I don't know. I'm allergic to shellfish so anything but that."
Me: "What's shellfish?"
Kevin (with a puzzled look on his face): " that comes in a shell."
Me: Totally red in the face!

Moment 2: (after shellfish comment)
The night before our date, we were on the phone and Kevin said, "I'm kind of afraid I am going to do something really stupid on our date." I responsed kindly by saying, "Oh, if you do I'll be honest." Well that night as we sat there finishing our dinner, Kevin said something really funny and I started cracking up. He said, "Ok, it's time to be honest." My first thought was that I absolutely had something stuck in my teeth since that just usually happens to be my luck.
I said, "I have something stuck in my teeth, don't I?"  He said, "Yep! Big and black and right there in the middle." I rubbed my finger over my teeth and pulled out something the size of a frisbee. We both cracked up and I realized that although embarrassing, it helped break the ice a little.

Last night, we reminised our favorite moments over the past year. We talked about the funny memories, our favorite memories, and memories that we will never forget. It was a wonderful way to celebrate!

To my wonderful husband, I love you, I'm so glad I found you, and thank you for asking me out on a second date!

Our first picture together!