Saturday, March 22, 2014

Preggo Pics and Update

I'm officially 30 weeks today! This pregnancy has gone incredibly fast and I've done really well so far. No sickness, very little pain (some back and tailbone pain), and I'm still sleeping well. So far, it's actually been a lot easier than it was with Blakely.
There were a lot of inconveniences and annoyances with my first pregnancy that I've seemed to avoid with this one such as nighttime stuffy nose, restless leg syndrome, and indigestion. Let's just hope that continues. This baby is also moving a LOT more which is a relief. Blakely never moved and so I ended up at the hospital more than once to check for fetal movement during my third trimester. So far, this sweet little one is way more active and likes to kick especially at night.
The only downfall so far is that I failed my first glucose test (probably from all the crap I consumed the first 28 weeks) and I have to go back on Monday for the 3 hour long test. However, I have eaten really well and exercised the past two weeks and lost 4 pounds, which tells me I really wasn't doing something right before. So here's hoping my self control in the past two weeks pays off!
Anyways, here are some pregnancy stats so far.

How far along: 30 weeks
Gender: Girl
Name: Rowan Claire
Weight Gain: 26 pounds
Cravings: pizza and Mexican a lot but thankfully fruit and salads now that the weather is warmer
Annoyances: tailbone pain, not being able to put on socks easily, having trouble taking deep breaths
Sleeping: very well
Things I miss: having a lot of energy, my non-maternity clothes, red wine
What I am most looking forward to: seeing what she looks like (I'm hoping for a little bit of me with this baby. Blakely looked nothing like me.)