Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Random Thoughts

I woke up this morning not feeling well so I called in sick (yes, pathetic I know since it's only a 3 day work week). Anywho, I really haven't done much today other than watch t.v. and make a couple of trips to the kitchen and it's given me a lot of time to think about a bunch of random stuff. Here goes...

1. I have yet to hear one Christmas song this year. I think this is the first time in my life when I haven't heard Christmas music before Thanksgiving. (I'm not complaining, I'm just saying.)

2. Jessica Simpson's engagment ring is U-G-L-Y!!!!!

3. It's way too hot outside to be Thanksgiving. I hate cold weather but I think God needs to turn on the A.C. outside.

4. Facebook is a fantastic way to waste 2 hours!

5. I'm sorry to say but the new Harry Potter was the biggerst disappointment of the whole series. Not the director's fault b/c it exactly followed the book but still....not a fan. I think part 2 will be better.

6. Why is the media still talking about Lindsey Lohan?????

7. I know airport patdowns have become  little intrusive, but if it keeps me from getting blown up in the air, I gotta say I'm for it.

8. This first trimester has cut my appetite in half, sometimes thirds. This makes me sad because I was so looking forward to pigging out at Thanksgiving.

9. Bed, Bath, and Beyond coupons rock! I don't know how the company can afford to do so many but I'm glad they do.

10. I think the new Target Christmas commercials are hilarious! That lady cracks me up.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Belly Pic

So here is my first belly picture. Right now, it looks more like I have a really thick stomach but from certain angles, there is definitely a little bit of a baby bump. I didn't think I'd be showing quite this early since I'm only 10 weeks but I know every pregnancy is different for every woman. Or maybe it's because of the fast food I have been craving lately. Hmmm...

10 weeks!

Monday, November 08, 2010

A Bun in the Oven

So I am now officially telling people that Kevin and I are expecting a little one. We've known for a month now and it has been killing me not to shout it from every rooftop. I was going to wait until the end of my first trimester to announce it but I finally decided that I just could not wait any longer. I am 9 weeks pregnant today and have felt wonderful so far. I've had very little nausea and no morning sickness so that is definitely a blessing.
Being that Kevin and I have only been married for 12 weeks, we were so shocked to find out but it was seriously one of the best days of my life. Here's how we found out.
Prior to getting married, I started taking birth control (boy was that a waste of $24 a month). For anyone on birth control, you know it completely regulates your periods so that you can predict down to the hour of when you will start. Well, I was supposed to start the first week of September but never did. I bought a pregnancy test and told Kevin. It turned up negative but after 3 more days of not starting, I took another test. It too was negative.
I was supposed to start a new birth control pack that Sunday but Kevin told me not to since if I was pregnant it could hurt the baby. He told me to hold off and wait a week before starting it again. I waited a week and took two more tests. Still nothing. At this point I figured my body was reacting to coming off birth control and didn't think much of it.
Over the next three weeks, I took a few more tests for a grand total of 6 and all turned up negative. I started to freak out a little since I am so regular and called the doctor thinking there was something else going on with my body. On Friday, October 8th I went in to see the doctor. She asked if I could be pregnant and told her I didn't think so and that I was afraid I had cysts or something else that was prevening me from having a period. Of course I was qualified to make this decision based on all the years of medical school that I have had. :)  (One little tip, never try to self-diagnose yourself by reading the internet. It will just freak you out.)
She wanted to do a pregnancy test just to make sure. After about two minutes, the nurse popped her head in the room and said, "Oh, you are so very pregnant." I almost fell off the table!! I asked her to repeat herself and then I said, "Oh my gosh!!! I have to call my husband." I called Kevin and he was soooooo excited.
After leaving the office, I called my mom and told her to save her pennies so she could fly back and forth to see her soon-to-be grandchild. She was ecstatic!
It was such a magical day that I will never forget. After my next doctor's appointment, we actually found out that I got pregnant on the second day that I was off birth control. I'm really glad that Kevin told me not to start taking it again because otherwise we would not be expecting this miracle.
The first few weeks were really nerve wracking because I kept worrying that I would miscarry. I still have those days but have come to trust God more and rely less on myself. I'm really enjoying my pregnancy so far although it still seems a little unreal. Right now I am most looking forward to "popping" so that I actually look preganant and not like I had a few too many doughnuts.
Mmmmm....doughnuts sound good right now! :)