Saturday, March 26, 2011

Monday, March 21, 2011

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Today marks the first day of my third trimester and it's hard to believe that 28 weeks have passed already. Twelve weeks from now (or less) I will be cradeling my precious little Blakely in my arms. Ohhh, I just cannot wait. So as I enter into this last phase of my pregnancy, I reflect on the good, the not so good, and the downright ugly parts of my pregnancy.

*Hearing the woosh, woosh sound of her heartbeat at every doctor's appointment.
*Getting updates every Monday from Baby Center on how she is developing.
*Feeling her move and kick (especially now that it's more frequent).
*Using pregnancy brain as an excuse when I'm forgetful.
*Having an excuse not to go to the gym. (I'm too cheap to buy new workout clothes and my old ones certainly don't fit).
*Knowing that in 3 months I'm going to be a mommy.
*Eating whatever I crave without feeling guilty. (Although stepping on the scale at the doctor's office isn't so much fun right now).
*Being continually told, "Oh Lori, you look so cute!"

*Not being able to sleep on my back.
*Not being able to comfortably sleep on my side either (and I know this is only going to get worse).
*My allergies seem to be worse this year.
*Shaving my legs is proving to be very difficult now.
*Having to propel myself out of bed and low sitting chairs.
*Using breath right strips at night because my nose is so stuffy.
*Having a closet full of super cute spring clothes that I know I won't be able to wear until probably next year.

Ugly (I'll keep this short and non-descriptive)
*Unsightly cellulite creeping back onto my legs. (I realize this is not so much a result of pregnancy but the not working out)
*Bathroom issues (That's all I'm going to say about that.)
*My innie belly button becoming an outie. (I've always had the deepest belly button possible. It's slowly pushing out and although it may not necessarily be ugly, it sure is weird looking)

Ok, there is way more ugly but that's about all I feel comfortable sharing right now. If you're pregnant, definitely ready Jenny McCarthy's book Belly Laughs. She's not so reserved and tells the ugly parts of pregnancy exactly like it is.