Saturday, May 09, 2015

Baby #3- 21 Weeks

This pregnancy is flying by faster than I could have imagined! I'm more than halfway and yet still a little in shock that we're having another baby. I'm still feeling really well and luckily haven't experienced some of the minor irritations that I experienced with my other two pregnancies (nighttime stuffy nose, heartburn, etc). I am feeling a little bigger this go round than I did at this point with my other two. But I wonder if part of that has to do with the fact that this is my third pregnancy and my ab muscles are already really stretched.

I have started feeling a little discomfort when I stand for too long. But I think some of that is because it is getting hotter outside and I get tired more easily. This will be the first pregnancy I've experienced in the summer so I'm preparing myself for just how uncomfortable I'm going to get.

We found out last month that we are having a little boy and are so excited! I would have loved another girl but I am thrilled to be getting a little rough and tumble boy. Kevin was absolutely over the moon! I think he called everyone he knew within 30 minutes of finding out. Blakely was way less excited. She really wanted a baby sister but I think is finally warming up to the idea of a baby brother.

We did have a little scare at our ultrasound this past week but luckily everything seems to be fine. The technician was taking a super long time on our 20 week ultrasound and both Kevin and I started to get a little worried. She couldn't get any good shots of his head because of the way he was positioned and she was being really cryptic about what she saw. Then, she said those dreaded words that every expecting parent hates to hear. "Please wait right here while I get the doctor." Immediately, shear panic and dread set in and I began imagining everything possible that could be wrong. Because we couldn't really see his head, I started thinking brain problems or something majorly wrong with his head development. She also wouldn't show us the baby in 3-D when we asked. I started thinking it was because something was horribly wrong and she knew we couldn't handle whatever image we saw.

After about 10 minutes, the doctor came in and informed us that it had nothing to do with his head at all. There was a spot that showed up on his heart that can sometimes be an early indicator of Down Syndrome. I immediately felt relief that it wasn't anything fatal. After reviewing his ultrasound pictures, the doctor determined that she didn't think it was anything at all and told us that further testing wouldn't need to be done. So I asked again if we could see him in 3-D and she said that it actually wasn't possible because of the way he is positioned. He is snuggling right up against my uterus (and is turned completely backwards) and the machine can't pick up his facial features when he's in that position. He was in the exact same position at our 16 week 3-D ultrasound as well. She tried to get us a shot but we really couldn't see anything. So even though we've now had two 3-D ultrasounds, we still haven't seen any good shots of his face. I'm just imagining that he's super comfy where he is positioned and may be my little snuggle bug.

Gender: Boy
Name: Trent (middle still undecided)
How far along: 21 weeks
Weight Gain: 17 pounds 
Maternity Clothes: Definitely! I was still getting away with this one pair of non-maternity pants that I have but I had to retire them this past week. So it's now all maternity all the time.
Sleep: Really well. The insomnia seems to have passed so I'm enjoying getting back to my regular sleeping habits. 
Workouts: I try to walk with the girls a few times a week around the neighborhood. However, my pace is starting to slow just a bit
Best Moment This Month: Finding out it's a boy!
Worst Moment This Month: Having the ultrasound technician at 20 weeks say, "Wait right here while I get the doctor." 
Cravings: Sweets (mainly cookies)
Food Aversions: None right now
My Favorite Things: My maternity pajama pants and over sized t-shirts