Monday, June 20, 2011

Blakely's Dedication, Time with Family, and Father's Day

Going to church for the first time!
Father's Day was very special for us this year for several reasons. Not only was it Kevin's first Father's Day but we had the wonderful opportunity to dedicate Blakely at church. It was so wonderful because my parents, brother, and grandfather were all here for the occasion. It was awesome having my family here not only for her dedication but also because it was my dad's first FD as a grandfather and my grandfather's first as a great-grandfather. 

with my parents, brother, and grandfather
Blakely with mommy and Uncle Jon

Saying good-bye to Grammy at the airport
For the past two weeks, Kevin and I have been so fortunate to have my mom stay with us and help us get settled in with Blakely. She arrived the day after Blakely was born and was such a help to us during these past two weeks. She left to go back to South Dakota yesterday after church but is already making plans to come back for Labor Day.

About 10 days after Blakely was born, my dad and grandfather came and are here for a few more days. They have also helped out so much with household chores, feedings, and watched her so mommy and daddy can sleep.

Happy Father's Day daddy!

with Uncle Jon
Nana and Papa (Kevin's parents) with Blakely and her cousin Lexie

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