Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Let's Go Back: Halloween 2012

Yep, tomorrow's Thanksgiving and I'm just now getting Halloween pictures up. That's pathetic! Oh well...better late than never.

Our Halloween plans changed just a bit this year thanks to Hurricane Sandy. Our church does an annual Fall Festival that got moved to the Saturday after Halloween. It was so much fun getting Blakely dressed in her Halloween costume. She was a garden gnome this year but refused to wear her hat so she looked a little more like a little Dutch girl. Oh was still cute.
 Lexie Kate was Little Bo Peep (or Mary...I forget) and Eli went as her lamb. It was so darling!!

At least we got one picture with the hat!
We tried giving the pony rides a chance. Blakely wasn't so sure about it at first but ended up doing just fine. She also got lots of chocolate which she graciously shares with Mommy. When it comes to chocolate, there is no denying that she's my girl!

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