Monday, April 07, 2014

32 Weeks

Last Saturday marked 32 weeks! The end is in sight and I finally feel like I am in the homestretch (even though I have 8 weeks to go).

Last week I did get the flu bug that's going around and it totally wiped me out. But thank goodness it only lasted 24 hours and Blakely didn't get sick so I was able to take her to my mother-in-law on Wednesday. I then spent the entire day in bed and boy, did that feel good!

This past weekend, I pulled out all of Blakely's 0-3 month clothing and got them washed and hung in Rowan's closet. I had forgotten about all the clothes that Blakely had. This baby will seriously be able to go all summer without ever repeating an outfit! Hallelujah for hand me down clothing!!

I had my 32 week appointment today and my doctor warned me that I should expect another large baby. She said my weight looked great but because I had previously had a 9 pound baby (at 38 weeks), I should expect this one to be equally as large. However, the up side is that getting my pregnancy weight off might not be as hard because a lot of weight will come off with the baby. I also passed my second glucose test so no diabetes for me!!

How far along: 32 Weeks
Weight Gain: 30 pounds (probably partly due to the enormous amount of Mexican food I ate yesterday)
Cravings: Mexican
Annoyances: indigestion, foot cramps, getting easily fatigued
Sleeping: very well once I get settled
Movement: Lots, especially at night
Things I miss: long walks around the neighborhood (I get winded very easily), easily picking up Blakely, sleeping on my back
What I am most looking forward to: holding Rowan in my arms

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