Sunday, April 01, 2012

Making Fabric Pom Poms

I've decided to re-post this project that I made for Blakely's nursery last year. It was such a fun project and although a little time consuming, was very easy and cheap. I just love the way they look in her nursery!

  • different sizes of styrofoam balls (I used a 6" ball, a 5" ball, and two 3" balls.)
  • a hot glue gun
  • any fabric of your choosing (I needed 1 1/2 yards for the 6" ball, 1 yard for the 5", and 2 yards for both 3"balls.)
  • string
  • something to trace with 
I used the top of a red wine goblet and traced a circle on a piece of cardboard from a pizza box.

Then I used it to trace dozens of circles all over the fabric and cut them out. **Helpful hint**-Double up your fabric before tracing and cutting. It will save you LOTS of time.
Fold each fabric circle in half.
Then fold it again and place a little bit of hot glue at the bottom tip to hold it together.

What you have looks like a little fortune cookie.
Hot glue your string around the entire circumference of the ball.
**Helpful hint**- I would use fishing wire or something more invisible instead of string. I found that after the project is done, it looks very busy with the string so you need something that doesn't show as much.

Hot glue each fabric circle around the ball. The bottom tips don't have to touch because then the circles will be too close together and will be flat. Just make sure there aren't any gaps and that the tops of them are spread out enough so that they look full.

Once they are finished, arrange them and hang from the ceiling.
I used push pins to hang them but you can use whatever works for you.

**Helpful hints**
Looking back, I think 3 different sizes was too many. I would focus on only using two different sizes. Also, hang them where they can possibly spread out more. I need to rearrange mine so they aren't so close together but for now, this is where they will stay.

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  1. Cute! Love those colors for your nursery. I look forward to seeing pics of that sweet little room soon. And of course pics of Blakely girl are much anticipated! =)