Monday, April 13, 2015

Rowan-10 Months Old

Rowan was 10 months old on March 27th! She has definitely been all over the place this month and I imagine will soon be taking her first steps. She likes walking along the coach while holding on and has let go a few times to stand on her own. She will also walk as long as someone is holding both of her hands. I'm hoping she'll be walking by her first birthday!

She crawls all over the place. We have to keep all of our interior doors closed because her favorite thing to do is venture into the bedrooms and get into stuff she shouldn't. We also bought her a cage play pen this month which has been a lifesaver. I was putting her in her pack-n-play when I needed to get stuff done. But she felt so confined and fussed the entire time. But I had to give that to my mother-in-law recently for Rowan to nap in while I was at work. So we bought a play pen which gives her so much more room to play and crawl around.
She has also started to slim down some as a result of all the crawling. She currently weighs 26 pounds but has stayed in her 18 month clothes for a lot longer than I expected. I'm not sure how tall she is but she fills out her 18-24 month clothing in length as well as weight. In fact, the other day she wore a dress to church that Blakely wore when she was 23 months old. It was very short on her and almost indecent. :) She is definitely going to be my tall child. 
She loves eating table food, which has helped a lot with our grocery shopping. For breakfast, she usually has pancakes or a waffle. She's also had mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, cheese pizza, and strawberries just to name a few.

She's still not saying "Mama" but loves to say "Uh-oh," "Dunc" (which is my MIL's dog), and "Papa." I'm hoping that "Mama" will be right around the corner. She's such a little sweetie and is still super happy (most of the time). 

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