Thursday, December 16, 2010

One More Week!!

One week from today I will be waking up in my grandfather's house and will get to spend an entire week with my parents, brother, sister, and other family members! I am sooooo excited. Here are a few things I am most looking forward to this Christmas.

1. Having my mom see and feel my baby bump
2. Making homemade cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning
3. Laying around all week, watching Christmas movies, and doing a whole lot of nothing
4. Seeing family members I haven't seen in 2 years
5. Watching everyone open the Christmas gifts Kevin and I have bought them
6. Spending my first Christmas with Kevin as a married couple
7. Eating lots of yummy food on Christmas day
8. Watching and laughing at old home movies like we do every Christmas

Just one more week! Merry Christmas everybody! :)

1 comment:

  1. YAY for old home videos!

    Got some cups if you want somethin ta DRANK!