Monday, April 11, 2011

Bright Copper Kettles and Warm Woolen Mittens (Part 2)

 #4. DC Cupcakes
I LOVE this show. The sisters get on my nerves sometimes and really don't know how to talk to the camera, but it's such a fun show to watch. I'm hoping one day I 'll actually get to eat one of their cupcakes.
In fact, my brother was going to come see me a few weeks ago and we were going to go to D.C. for the day. When he called to tell me he wasn't coming, I think I was more bummed about not getting a cupcake than I was about not seeing him. Just kidding Jon!!

#3. Chick-Fil-A chicken biscuit and hashbrowns
Mmmm, mmmmm! I love me some Chick-Fil-A! Before getting pregnant, I would never dream of eating fast food for breakfast. But now, I indulge in one of these at least once a week and it makes me a very happy woman. Buttery, flaky goodness and a side of fried heaven. What more could a pregnant woman want?

#2. Whipped Peanut Butter
Being the daughter of Gary Strickland (who goes through several jars of Peter Pan a week), I was destined to love peanut butter. But the regular stuff doesn't even come close to the whipped pb. Ohhhh, it is so yummy! When I lived in China, I would have my parents ship me several jars at one time (and they didn't last long). Then when I moved to Richmond, the only place I could find it was in Greenville. So, every time I visited, I would buy 10 jars and take them back with me. It's just that good!

And my #1 all time favorite thing ever............

#1. Diet Coke (shocking, I know)
I truly believe I have an addiction to this stuff. I actually gave it up during my first trimester and swore I wouldn't drink it again until after I gave birth. Yeah right! Then I found out I could have 200 mg of caffeine per day and that promise went out the window. However, I do drink caffeine free now whenever I can find it and really limit myself to how much I drink per week but it really is a weakness of mine. There's just nothing like a Diet Coke to get you going in the morning or get you over the 2:00 pm hump.
When I lived in China, I thought I'd be able to kick the addiction forever because I didn't have one for a whole year. However, when I landed in the Atlanta airport, I drank 2 before I even got to baggage claim and then my cousin met me at baggage claim with a 3rd one. So much for self-control.

Ok, I'm throwing in one more favorite thing. I didn't know where to put it in the list but I just have to include it.
Trish McEvoy Eye Definer and Brush
I bought this eye liner/definer in Summer 2000 and still have enough for probably another 10 years. It is the best eye liner out there. No, I don't wear purple (it's just the only picture I could find) but it goes on so smooth and it's so easy to control how much or how little you want. Also, I always found with regular eye pencils that I would accidentally get off track and the pencil would end up marking part of my eye lid. This stuff is so easy to put on that I've never had that problem. It's a little pricey but worth every penny and I will never, ever buy another type of eye liner again.

And there you have it. My top 11 favorite things ever!


  1. Loved these posts! And love the new look of your blog. Super cute! Miss you and love you, Lori girl!

  2. The blog is looking GREAT!

    Next time you go to CfA get the biscuit with cheese on it!!!!!!!! It will change your world!

    Love ya!