Monday, August 27, 2012

Kevin's Big 3-0

 It's been a big summer here in the Stidham house. Blakely turned one, Mommy said good-bye to her 20's, and now it's Daddy's turn!

Kevin's 30th birthday is today and I first of all want to wish him a very happy birthday!!
Yesterday, we celebrated with his family. Kevin likes things pretty low key so we had steaks and baked potatoes at his parent's house. We were also able to have some time for family pictures.

After dinner, we took Blakely and Lexie Kate (her cousin) outside for pictures. It's been a while since we've had pictures of them together.
Nee Nee and Eli (Lexie's baby brother)
Then we did presents and Kevin was quite excited to get his parent's gift! He looked like a kid on Christmas morning.
Lastly, we celebrated with cake. Kevin really wanted Betty Crocker Funfetti so I swallowed my pride (I like to make cakes from scratch) and made a Funfetti cake with Rainbow Chip icing. The cake was a lot harder to make than I thought it would be. I definitely have a whole new appreciation for cake artists.
 We had a great day celebrating and helping Kevin kick-off his 30's.

Happy Birthday sweetheart! I love you very much!!

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