Friday, August 03, 2012

Into Everything

Oh my, my sweet girl is definitely getting to be a toddler!!

She is into EVERYTHING all the time! It is hilarious to watch but messy Blakely= tired Mommy.

Case in point....
 The other night, I was cleaning the house and Blakely was playing in the kitchen. I was in the next room and all of a sudden I heard all this banging around. I peeked my head into the laundry room (which is right next to the kitchen) and Blakely had pulled all this food out of our pantry.

Of course, I very quietly grabbed my camera and as I was shooting I realized what she had been trying to do.
Her favorite snack is Nutra Grain bars (or whatever knock-off cheap brand I have bought) and she had found the box and pulled out the last bar. Now I want to point out here that I don't keep this box on the bottom shelf. It is kept on the shelf above the bottom for this very reason.

Not only did she manage to find the box and get into it, but she also managed to pull apart the package on her own so she could eat it! She is just such a sweet mess!!

Then this morning while I was washing dishes, she got into the Solo cups that I keep hidden in one of our cabinets. She had pulled them out and was playing when I noticed her drinking from one.
I was a little confused because I knew nothing was in the cup. But when I got closer, I saw what she had done.

Genius!! The perfect way to look like a big girl and still enjoy a bottle! 

By the way, I see a trend developing. The jelly bean, Nutra Grain bar, and Solo cup incidents all have one thing in common... house cleaning!! I think that's my cue to cease and assist all tasks involving cleaning. :)

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