Friday, February 20, 2015

Baby Makes 5!

Well, it's definitely sooner than expected but Kevin and I are expecting our 3rd little bundle of joy! It was a complete shock to both of us (we literally stared at the pregnancy test with our mouths wide open). But once we got over the initial shock, we were really excited.
In fact, had we found out 24 hours earlier, I'm not sure my reaction would have been the same. I found out on a Sunday afternoon after church. I had been feeling tired lately but just figured it was from getting up early to workout and then being on my feet all day at work. I had also been experiencing lower back pain for a few weeks but thought it was from a pulled muscle since I had started a new workout program.
So that Sunday morning, we were on our way to church and I started getting carsick and I only ever get carsick when I'm pregnant. I immediately began praying, "God please don't let me be pregnant yet. I'm just not ready." I didn't say anything to Kevin about it but obsessed over it the entire way to church and all through the worship music. Now don't get me wrong, I definitely wanted another child. But we were really hoping that Rowan would be a little older before we had another one.
So then we sat down for the sermon and the entire sermon that morning was about the blessing of children. Our pastor spoke of how children are such a gift from God and how it is one of the only blessings in life that God gives us that we question. He made the comment that we would never question the blessing of an inheritance or a raise at work. Yet when God gives us more children, we come back with," Now's not the right time," or "I can't afford another child right now." He started naming all the excuses that I was currently giving to God.
So during the sermon I just thought, "Ok. I know I'm pregnant and I'm going to find out after church. Children are such a blessing and I will be joyful over this blessing rather than question it."
So then after church, I went and bought a pregnancy test and sure enough, it was positive!
Our sweet little one is expected to arrive around mid-September. Since I'm 99% sure this will be my last pregnancy, I'm going to try and document it as often as possible. So here goes!
Getting a little pooch!
How far along: 10 weeks
Weight Gain: None yet!
Maternity Clothes: Thankfully not yet. Some clothes are getting a bit tight but I'm going to make them last as long as possible.
Sleep: Great so far! I'm already having to use the bathroom a lot though. :(
Best Moment This Month: Finding out
Worst Moment This Month: Being exhausted by 6:30 and having no energy
Cravings: Nothing major yet! Maybe Mexican a little more than normal.
Food Aversions: Unfortunately my Shakeology. I've had to stop drinking the chocolate for now as it makes me queasy.
My Favorite Things: These amazing prenatal vitamins! They make taking vitamins so much more enjoyable.

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