Monday, February 02, 2015

Rowan: 8 Months

My sweet little girl is now 8 months old and it is so hard to believe! I think I have really cherished this first year with her a little more than I did with Blakely because I realize how quickly it goes. Rowan is such a fun and happy baby and is learning to do new things every day. 

She is still my little super chunk and is currently wearing 18-24 month clothing. She is in size 4 diapers and I joke that she will have to wear adult diapers before she is fully potty trained. :)

She is easily going from her tummy to a seated position and is starting to crawl (but only backwards). She loves playing with her toys in the floor and loves it even more when her big sister plays with her. 
She is starting to eat solid foods with her fingers. She loves the little yogurt pieces and Gerber puffs. We tried small pieces of banana but I don't think she was ready for that quite yet. 

 She has recently started to patty cake and she is fascinated by clapping her hands. She will get the biggest smile on her face and get really excited! She is also started to wave but will only do it sporadically. She has also finally started sleeping through the night this week. We finally had to do a little sleep training and let her cry during the middle of the night when she would wake up and want a bottle. However, it only took about 4 nights and now she is no longer waking up (which makes Mommy very happy)!

 Being the mommy of two precious girls is the biggest blessing ever! I thank God everyday for the time I have with them and the opportunity I have to be their mother.

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