Wednesday, March 14, 2012

9 Months Old!

So I think the craziest thing about having a 9 month old is realizing that she has been in my life for the same amount of time that she was growing inside me. That's just crazy! Here are her 9 month updates.

The biggest thing that I have seen this month is that Blakely has become a lot more interactive. She has started clapping her hands when Kevin and I say "Yay!" It is the cutest thing. She is also beginning to roll her hands when we sing "Pat-a-Cake."

Riding in my car!
She has started eating finger snacks and her favorites are the Gerber Yogurt snacks. I've also tried feeding her some whole foods in the past week to get her use to not eating baby food. The other day, I gave put some whole peas on her high chair for her to try. I was really excited to see how she would do with food that was not mashed. Now, Blakely has never really been a fan of peas so I'm not sure why I thought whole peas would be any different than mashed ones. She put one in her mouth and made the funniest face. Then she tried chewing it but was so disgusted by the taste that she wasn't giving it much effort. I turned my head away for just a second and when I looked back at her she was leaning over and spitting the pea into her lap. She quickly looked back up at me and kept chewing. It was hilarious!! Although I know my daughter's a genius, I'm sure she isn't advanced enough to try and trick Mommy yet. But it was sure funny to watch.

She has become a crawling machine and will go from one side of the room to another in no time. My mother-in-law has used this to her advantage and Kevin and I have also started doing this at home. Blakely's never been a great napper so my MIL has now started making Blakely crawl to whatever she wants. If she needs a diaper change, she has to crawl to her room. A bottle? Yep, she has to crawl to get that as well. All the crawling tires her out so much that now she is starting to sleep better during the day.

Speaking of sleeping, she's still not sleeping through the night. I don't feed her anymore when she wakes up but instead put her in bed with us. She falls right back to sleep and it's great Mommy/Blakely cuddle time. I know I will probably regret making this a habit for her but she's small for only a short time and having her near us for part of the night is really special.
She's starting to stand up when she's in the bed or any other soft surface. I think she gets scared on the hardwood floors and try as I might, she will not stand up on them. I know this will come as she gets more comfortable.

Her main fascinations right now are the remote control, my cell phone, my glasses, and any kind of cord. Yep, I think it's time to start baby proofing. If there is a cord anywhere in the house, she will find it and chew on it. Because of this, any time I leave the room I have to make sure she's in her playpen so she doesn't chew on them while I'm gone.

Thank you God for this beautiful gift! Blakely, we love you!

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