Sunday, June 10, 2012

Blakely 12 Months!

How fast this wonderful year has flown by!! One year old is such a fun age and I can really see how Blakely is going from a baby to a toddler. Here are some highlights and updates on what she is doing now.
  • She is still pretty small. She is 29 inches long which is in the 25-50th percentile for height and weighs 18 pounds which is in the 10th percentile for weight. Unfortunately that means she can't switch over to her forward facing seat that Kevin and I bought her. She needs to weigh at least 20 pounds to switch over. So for the next few months, she'll have to continue using her baby seat.
  • She's becoming a bit of a drama queen lately. If she gets hurt, she cries for an extended period of time, even if she's being comforted. I think it's her way of making sure she gets extra attention.
  • She is so very, very close to walking. She's been walking with help for about two months and navigates around tables very easily as long as she's holding on to something. This past week, she started walking by holding only one of my hands instead of two so I'm hoping she'll let go of my hands soon. She is doing such a great job of standing alone so I know walking is just around the corner.

  • She is starting to make a lot more sounds and noises with her mouth. When my sister was here last weekend, she taught Blakely to say "More" when she wanted more to eat. Well, it's her own special version of more. She's also learned this past week to say "Done" when she doesn't want any more to eat. Those words are so much more pleasant to hear than lots of fussing.
  • Sleeping alone is going a little better. The night before last she went to bed in her crib at 8:00 and we didn't hear anything from her until 7:00 the next morning. It was wonderful!! However, that is not the norm for her. With school ending this week, my goal is to have her trained to sleep the whole night in her crib by the end of June. Although, truth be told, Kevin and I will really miss having her with us all night. 
  • Her two top teeth have finally poked through.
  • She LOVES to play peek-a-boo especially in the bathtub at night. She'll pull the shower curtain closed when I say, "Where's Blakely?" Then she'll throw it open and start laughing. It absolutely cracks me up.
  • She is definitely a Nana's girl! When I drop her off in the mornings, she is ready to go to Nana and doesn't really care that I'm leaving. However, when I pick her up in the afternoons, she does not want to go home. Sometimes she'll even cry when I try to take her from my mother-in-law. I love that she loves her Nana so much! Kevin and I are so blessed to have her because I never have to worry when I'm at work and I know she is getting so much love throughout the day!

My sweet darling Blakely, you are loved so much more than you will ever know! You fill up my life with joy and my heart with love.

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