Monday, June 25, 2012

DIY Photo Canvas

I love the look of photo canvases but I don't really love the price. For one or two, the price isn't so bad. But when you want to cover an entire wall with them, it can get very pricy very quickly.
This is a really cheap and easy way to create your own photo canvases.

To print my pictures, I used Walgreens. I wanted several 11x14 and 16x20 photos done so I ordered them online and the prints were shipped to me within a week.

 1. Place your photo upside down on a sheet of wax paper.

 2. Using a foam brush, cover the entire back of the photo with Decoupage or Mod Podge. (You can buy this at any craft store.)

 3. Gently place the canvas on top of the photo.

 4. Take a heavy book and place it on top of the upside down canvas. The pressure from the book allows the photo to better stick to the canvas. Let it dry for about 30-45 minutes.

5. Turn your photo canvas over and use your foam brush to put Decoupage or Mod Podge all over the picture. It will appear very milky looking at first but as the Decoupage dries, the milky look completely disappears.

Below I did a price difference between ordering custom canvases and doing it yourself. The custom prices are for Walgreens which I have found to be one of the cheapest places for custom photo canvases. I got all my art supplies at Michael's.
The price difference is amazing but I do want to add that Walgreens does awesome custom canvases. I don't want this post to in any way insinuate that their quality or prices are not worth it. I've ordered a few canvases from them to give as gifts and have always been 100% satisfied. However, I couldn't justify spending that much money when I wanted to do an entire wall of canvas photos.

More Ways to enhance your canvas

1. Use scrapbook paper to cover the sides of the canvas so it adds a little more pizzazz to your project.
2. Wrap the canvas in black cloth before beginning so the sides don't remain white.

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